Visualization leads to realization.
And home sales.

When it comes to sales tools, few things can enhance a customer’s experience and increase their engagement with a brand like interactive visualization technology. The more a prospect interacts with your product, the more it fertilizes the seed of ownership and nurtures that sense of propriety that turns a maybe into a yes. That is where INSPIR3D comes in.

If a picture is worth 1,000 words,
this video demo is priceless.

A tool for your salespeople.
A bonding agent for your brand.

The more tools you can give your salespeople, the more deals you are likely to close. Arm them with visualization tools by INSPIR3D and you give them a way to engage a customer on a whole new level. INSPIR3D essentially breathes new life into your existing marketing materials by creating virtual, interactive 3D models of your home designs. With the app’s unique ability to let prospects visualize numerous options and explore multiple possibilities, it sets the process of ‘making it theirs’ in motion.

Taking it one step further, you can invite your prospects to download the app (free, of course) and explore their options further at home. The result is even greater interaction with your product (vs the competition) which creates an even stronger bond with your brand.

Inspired? We thought so.


3D modeling is highly useful. For home builders, INSPIR3D by d3 Creative Studio can provide highly-detailed, captivating imagery to help bring sales materials for any home to life in stunning detail. INSPIR3D is the only product of its kind to offer TRUE, fully-interactive interiors, allowing users to move through the space exploring your product. Using your existing sketches, floor plans, photos or CAD drawings, it eliminates the need for prospects to have to imagine what their new home will look like. It’s that simple.

  • INSPIR3D Exteriors

    Show clients a 360-degree, exterior view as the INSPIR3D augmented reality app creates a ‘living’ exterior model of the home when you hover your tablet or smart phone over one of your existing floor plans or other sales materials.

  • INSPIR3D Interiors

    Similar to our the exterior models, INSPIR3D interior models give prospects the same enhanced, immersive view of your homes, again, using one of your existing floor plans or other sales materials.

  • INSPIR3D Interactive

    Maximize your prospect’s engagement with your home designs by giving them the ability to virtually move through the major living areas of the model, with the ability to change cabinets, countertops, flooring, finishes and other details. That way, what they see is what they get, while giving them a more enjoyable experience at the same time.

Rotating Website Model Demo

This demo will give you sense of how the rotatable exterior and interior models work. Rotate, zoom in, view from various angles and more. We include this module for use on your website with any purchase level. Go ahead, take it for a spin.

The Inspir3d Augmented Reality App

This app contains the technology that brings your existing floorplans to life. Our software recognizes your drawings or floorplans when you simply hover your tablet or smart phone over the top of them. The app then renders a 3D representation of the exterior and interior of the home on the screen. Download it here.

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Tailoring our service to your needs.
Because one size does NOT fit all.

With INSPIR3D, you can choose a fully-interactive interior with an array of materials or opt for an interior/exterior package, or just exteriors. Each will give your salespeople added tools to make your brand and products more engaging and endearing. We’ll be glad to discuss what tier is best for you.


  • Complete exterior model of home
  • Complete interior model of home
  • iOS and Android native app for sales centers
  • Interactive interior w/ customizable materials
  • Web embedded player


  • Complete exterior model of home
  • Complete interior model of home
  • Web embedded player
  • iOS and Android app for smart phones and tablets


  • Complete exterior model of home
  • Web embedded player
  • iOS and Android app for smart phones and tablets

Like what you see?
Inspir3d has applications far beyond homebuilding.

In fact, any product where visualizing and exploring options is a sales aid can be improved by this technology. If this has inspired you to see an application for your business, call us. We’ll be happy to discuss where we can take your marketing materials and your sales.


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